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In which it doesn't always make sense.

But always looks good.

Your dose of Arashi crack per day.
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Your daily dose of Arashi crack!

very danger...
Join/watch and enjoy. ♥

Because what is Arashi but a bunch of cute idiots on your TV screen? Or computer screen, or even in front of your eyes if you're a lucky one and get to see them in real. Here, there are no taboos. Bad jokes, you'll get them a lot. Pictures too. Mostly pictures. For a daily dose of laughter, happiness, and of course, rainbows, it's right here!

NO FLAMING; we're here to have fun. Our humor is weird and sometimes (more than sometimes) unfunny, but you can look at the pictures without reading the captions, too. Feel free to pimp this comm around! We all need more fun! Community run by theproudpenguin, also called Pengu, and all4cyanide also called The Wife. We post alternatively. Feel free to poke us in the ribs every once in a while. 8D

Friday: Sho!Fail Fridays; exploring the many failing faces of Sakurai Sho.
Saturday: Random Saturday!, where we're being random.
Sunday: Doki-Doki Sunday; where it gets pretty hot.
Rest of the week; crack. ♥

WARNING: community may have an unnecessary crotch obsession. May also contain peanuts. Not tested on animals.

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