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13 January 2010 @ 02:08 pm

Because while we'll never be able to make this community as awesome as them, Leader's crotch will always be the real star.

HELLO AND WELCOME TO arashicrackaday!
Where the content is as obvious as the community's name!

This is a members only community, so join to see the goods! We are theproudpenguin, also called Pengu, and all4cyanide, also called the Wife; we'll be your hosts in this epic adventure. 8D While we can't bring the crack as well as those five idiots, and our jokes are always of a suspicious taste, we can show the crack to the world and make your day a little bit brighter! So let's use those boys well, just like they are paid for!

Here is a suggestion post (for members only), where you can help us. We accept all kind of crack; pictures, fics, graphics. We can even post twice a day, and if we're a bit funky, even thrice. As if there was a limit to the fun. We can advertise your picspam, your fanfiction, your graphic post, if it's cracky. Everyone needs it. SO BRING IT ON.

Contact us:

Email: arashicrackaday1 at yahoo.com
Twitter: arashicrackaday


Help pimp the comm!